Cat Corner

We welcome cats too!

Calico cat before and after groomingLa de’ Paws is proud to present our cat grooming in St George. We have equipped our cat expert, Stephan Meyers with the most up-to date feline friendly equipment on the market.

Stephan has been specializing in feline grooming for over 10 years and continues to advance his specialty with further education. Stephan is a member in good standing with NCGIA (National cat grooming Institute of America). Stephan continues to expand his knowledge of cats through the seminars and webinars offered by NCGIA.

white cat before and after photosLa de’ Paws continues to be the most advanced and current trend-setting Salon in the country. Continuing that tradition, we have provided Stephan with the Catty Shack Vac System. It is the premier drying equipment for gentle and safe drying of cats and small-medium breed of dogs. This has allowed our clients to be groomed with a nice gentle approach that is available exclusively in St George at La de’ Paws.

Services available

  • Full coated bath and brush
  • Short coated-shedding
  • Sanitary Trims
  • Comb clips (which allow different lengths)
  • Lion clips and shave downs
  • Nail trimming and toe Tuff trims
  • Creative grooming upon request

New—Catty Shack Vac

Catty Shack VacTo better care for your precious cat, we have acquired the Catty Shack Vac. The Catty Shack Vac creates a cleaner grooming environment during the drying and detangling process. It also creates a safer environment for both the pet and the groomer.