La de’ Paws, Mesquite

La de' Paws, Mesquite Exterior

La de’ Paws, Mesquite

La de’ Paws, Mesquite is Now Open

La de’ Paws is pleased to announce the opening of their second Grooming Salon. The choice to open in Mesquite, Nevada came from high customer demand. We had many Mesquite clients traveling to our St. George salon and wanted to make it more convenient. We are looking forward to meeting new clients and their owners from this great community.

Our first customer in Mesquite

The Grand Opening of our Mesquite Grooming Salon was a great success! We appreciate the interest in the Mesquite location from our existing clients and look forward to meeting and providing outstanding service to our new clients.

Our Mesquite Reception area

Our Mesquite Boutique

Our Mesquite waiting area

2 thoughts on “La de’ Paws, Mesquite

  1. The first thing that attracted me to Lade` Paws were the convenient hours. Open on Saturdays works great for us working people. Then the fact that their reputation was so good with the people of Mesquite that they would drive to St. George for grooming. After visiting the website and reading about the staff and viewed their creative grooming page, I was impressed and made the appointment. I rescued a border collie from a cooler climate than ours and I was concerned about his long coat and the fact that it attracted the foxtails around my home. Renee` explained to me how is undercoat actually helped to keep him cooler and that a short cut wouldn’t be as effective. Karen was so good with him he didn’t seen to mind me leaving him there for the time it took to have him all cleaned up. He looked fabulous when I picked him up and not the least bit stressed. Even his tail that the shelter had partially shaved due to matting looked normal again. I’ve never had a dog professionally groomed before but I will definitely return to Lade` Paws. It was a great experience for both of us. Thanks ladies and thanks to your management for providing the service to our locals. It made me feel like my patronage was important enough to take a chance on a new location closer to my home.

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